Case: Forenom Touchpoints – Together, The friendliest, The easiest

Inspired by a shared goal

Employee satisfaction has improved. We have highlighted individual successes and every action has been made transparent. We openly praise colleagues and give positive feedback. The amount of feedback has increased considerably. Customer satisfaction has also improved from 87% to 91%. When our own people are enthusiastic about working towards growth, this also shows up in the figures,” says Jenni Määttä, Service Director at Forenom.

“If we had set out to realise a service identity and customer path alone, we may have got lost along the way. Now that we had a partner accelerating our actions, we achieved more and we did it faster. ad fun throughout, and the fact that the organisation is able to be open shows that our partner has done something right says Laura Similä, Business Development Manager at Forenom.

“We are now cascading our new way of working into other countries, such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden”, Määttä says.

Convincing working method

”We want to offer customers the same, high-quality service experience regardless of the country, channel or touchpoint. We have almost doubled the number of employees we have, so it is important to model and strengthen our way of operating. We had not specifically defined what should happen in each customer encounter or how different touchpoints should be managed. We also lacked a service identity to form the basis for our actions”, Määttä comments.

A team of people from Forenom’s various areas was assembled to do further work on the principle observations from the background work. The team worked with Trainers’ House to build Forenom’s service identity and customer path, from marketing through to maintaining and expanding customer relationships.