Case: ABB, Marine & Ports – Creating a world-class customer experience

Competitive advantage from customer experience

The weekly response rate on BEAT change management platform is 70–80% for personnel and 90% for the business management group. ”The seven golden rules have enabled us to further develop our methods of serving our customers, and this has helped to boost our business efficiency”, says Tommi Lempiäinen, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development at ABB Marine & Ports.

“The joint development with Trainers’ House has been business-oriented. Joint actions have led to results, as the NPS figure has improved”, says Aino Okkeri, Senior Vice President, HR at Marine & Ports.

Strengthening a customer oriented culture

“We wanted to make ABB Group’s values – customer orientation and quality – a part of our everyday work. We thought about how we could improve customer loyalty by investing in building and maintaining collaboration. Improving customer loyalty is a goal shared by every member of personnel. Results are born of collaboration”, says Sakari Sorsimo, Senior Vice President at Marine & Ports.

Seven golden rules in customer-facing situations

The Marine & Ports business’ project commenced with a joint workshop that was attended by 200 Marine employees in direct customer-facing roles. During the training, we agreed upon seven golden rules for situations where the customer experience could be influenced significantly. To strengthen commitment to the customer experience, the Marine & Ports business began using BEAT. BEAT helps employees to reflect their own weekly successes in various customer situations on the “seven golden rules” and track their development.