Case: Amiedu – High-impact encounters

Impact is the most important

Amiedu and Trainers’ House began working together to acquire new customers in spring 2014. Amiedu aims to raise its profile as a developer of skills for working life. “Trainers’ House offers us high-impact encounters, not just meetings. A nominated call team has in-depth knowledge of Amiedu’s services and competitive edge. They are able to talk about our products and present strong arguments in favour of a meeting”, Amiedu’s Service Director, Nuutti Manninen explains.

“The team from Trainers’ House put a lot of work into learning about the benefits of every product that we sell and how the products are offered to customers. We worked together to build a call story and we ensured that customers really receive value in return for their time. At the moment, over half of the outbound calls are from Trainers’ House. It was obvious that we needed a partner. This is an investment like any other. We calculated the return and we consider this to be a profitable investment”, Manninen continues.

Flawless collaboration

“Our collaboration has been goal-oriented. We measure the number of meetings and the number of deals that are made. Trainers’ House provides a weekly report, which sets out who has been contacted, which contacts have booked meetings, which contacts have not, and why. The collaboration has elicited very good internal feedback. The activities have been robust, systematic and customer-oriented. By specialising with a partner, we are able to allocate resources correctly. A professional caller is able to arouse interest among decision-makers, making it more likely that a meeting can be arranged and value can be offered to customers“, Manninen says.