Case: Bauer Media – A 16-year journey

Growth in partnership

“Before the Growth projects, we had 10–15 local entrepreneurs who used radio advertising all year round. Since the Growth project, this number has risen to over 100, and it continues to grow every year. It was pleasing to notice that Trainers’ House was not just going through the motions and delivering its own speeches. They were heavily involved throughout the project with a strong team spirit, and they clearly wanted the project to be a success. The trainers were goal-oriented and they gave the whole staff a boost”, says Janne Turunen, Sales Director at Bauer Media.

Long-term collaboration demonstrated by customer understanding

Trainers’ House has been working with Bauer Media for 16 years. This period has included two major development paths at Bauer Media: supervisory work and management, and developing commercial activities. Over the last two years, Trainers’ House has worked with Bauer Media’s local sales unit to deliver the Growth 2016 and 2017 tours for entrepreneurs. “A lot of our customers were SMEs who only occasionally purchased advertising. We wanted to instill continuity and productivity in local companies’ marketing, and disseminate a mindset that marketing is an investment and not just an expense,” Turunen says.

In addition to the growth tours, Bauer Media has invested in supervisor training for its personnel, as well as national sales training. “Participants in the training sessions have been particularly satisfied with the amount of concrete detail. It is important to go through what everything means on a daily and weekly level. We were able to cascade the jointly agreed matters immediately”, Turunen concludes.