Case: Atria

Renewing Atria

“We created Atria Group’s new strategy in 2012, encompassing three themes: commercial excellence, efficiency and the way of work. We wanted to establish a shared value base and principles that guide the way we work across all countries. Based on these requirements, we launched the “Atria Way of Work” project with the objective of establishing consistent, international ways of working for the Group,” says Mika Ala-Fossi, CEO, Atria Finland.

The Atria Way of Work

Every Atria employee had a chance to participate and contribute to the specification of the Group’s values and common practices. “The personnel was approached in a new and interesting way at pop-up stands. Close to 3,000 production and office employees, some 75 per cent of the workforce, participated in the initial phase of specifying the Group’s values.” Ala-Fossi says.

The way Trainers’ House packaged and drove the process was great. Our objective was a more consistent Atria, and we are heading in the right direction,” says Juha Gröhn, CEO of Atria Plc. Ala-Fossi continues: ”Trainers’ House brings solid expertise to a project such as this and we are happy to recommend them as a partner in value specification.”