Case: Audi

Audi – Vorsprung durch technik

Up to 98 per cent of new Premium cars are sold through factory delivery, fully customised to the customer’s personal needs. “This shift in purchase behaviour sets a new tone for the sales approach. It determines how the salesperson understands where the customers are coming from and what exactly they are looking for,” says Janne Hällfors, Product Manager, Audi Finland.

Customer delight at all levels

“Our sales process has improved all-round, and our performance has improved significantly in every area. We have in creased our market share and most importantly, all of our customer satisfaction metrics have improved notably,” says Hällfors, satisfied.

“Our customer satisfaction is now the best in the Nordic countries and Audi Finland has established itself as a benchmark in Europe,” Hällfors says.

Audi Finland will report a strong sales result for 2012. Everything we do at Audi is based on our brand essence, “Vorsprung durch Technik”, or progress through technology, which is further divided into three brand values: sportiness, sophistication and progressiveness. We live and breathe these values in all our customer service and sales activities,” Hällfors concludes