Case: Cramo

Cramo – Role model in rental

Cramo’s 2,500 employees serve over 150,000 customers in 15 countries through a network of almost 400 offices.

“We wanted to turn the traditional management model upside down. To avoid micromanagement, we wanted to allocate more responsibility for operative actions to those in the field and their direct supervisors,” says Tatu Hauhio, Executive Vice President Eastern Europe at Cramo Group.

Practical implementation of performance management

We started our cooperation with a thorough analysis of Cramo’s current situation. We then created an Impact Map specifying those actions – and metrics – that are the most critical for business results. “The project was very engaging: all key employees from our rental and service organization participated in the creation of the new leadership model. Trainers’ House turned our supervisors into coaches who implemented the new performance management model in practice.”Reporting and objective setting also worked from the bottom up.

The results of the new leadership model were quickly seen also in numerical terms. “We soon noticed that this was a great way of controlling costs. Despite the challenging market situation, both our net sales and profitability improved significantly in those areas where performance management implementation was the most successful,” Hauhio says. “Employees also gained insight into the causes and effects in our business, which makes them more interested in the results posted by the company and their respective units.”

The new leadership culture will be implemented to Cramo Group’s global business in 2014.