Case: Sinebrychoff

Sinebrychoff – Continuously better

Assignment – Improving productivity

“Success and competitiveness in Europe today requires more than being good,” says Bo Ranta, Production Director, Sinebrychoff. “Success is not a given. We must improve continuously, which became the founding principle of our project. We must see to it that our cost management and productivity are better than the Group average,” he says.

Our cooperation focuses on managing and motivating people. Personnel should be inspired to work together to identify better ways of working. Managing the flow of goods and logistics alone is not enough to provide exceptional results. “It is a process more than a project – we want to improve continuously,” Ranta explains. In addition to training sessions, we established a forum, “Continuously better” café, where the management and personnel can discuss given themes. “The café has been well received and a good platform for fruitful interaction. It has also increased the visibility of management among the staff.”

The cooperation has introduced changes in leadership practices and personnel’s attitudes. We now have a deeper understanding of why we want to be continuously better. “We had previously tried to implement lean ideology at the production plant, but the launch was not very successful. We have now managed to crystallize the idea into a more approachable and positive form,” Ranta says. “We measure change in four areas. We have gained the best results in cost management and produced vs. planned,” Ranta adds