Case: DNA – Additional resources for new customer relationships and opportunities

The partnership will continue on the basis of the results

The cooperation has been a profitable investment in customer acquisition. “Trainers’ House has arranged a large number of encounters for us with customer groups that the salespeople would not necessarily have been able to contact without assistance,” says Harry Sjögren, Sales Director at DNA.

DNA’s own client experience has also been valuable. “They listen to our goals and deliver on them. It has been possible to tailor the activities precisely around our needs. People work with people. The results have given us good reason to continue the partnership this year. We wanted additional resources for new customer relationships and opportunities. We chose Trainers’ House as our partner because we knew that they had more than 100 employees working on customer acquisition. Trainers’ House is a long-term partner of ours, and they have a different approach from their competitors”, Sjögren continues.

Salespeople inspired by saving time

“Trainers’ House’s team made a real investment in building a value pledge that stands out. It spoke directly to our target group”, Sjögren continues.

”Our salespeople have been particularly pleased with the way they have been assisted and the results have been amazing. The salespeople have been enthusiastic about the partnership with Trainers’ House”, says Juha Lehtonen, Sales Director at DNA.