Case: Edita Publishing

Edita Publishing – A physically active workforce

More energetic and active workforce

In Edita’s “ILO”(Ilo=joy, Liikkuminen=exercise, Onnistuminen=success) programme, employees were given the opportunity to participate in training for six months that encouraged increased activity levels and healthy lifestyle choices by means such as fitness tests at the start and end of the programme, body age measurements and joint training events. Jarmo Riski from Trainers’ House was responsible for the content and execution of the programme. He has extensive experience in top-level coaching in professional sports such as cross-country skiing. Participants could also refer to an online training programme. “We organised three half-day training events during the course of the ILO programme, where we discussed mental, physical and social well-being and the ability to work from the point of view of the individual and the working community,” Myyry says.

“The body’s age among the participants fell by 1 year and 3 months on average during the programme. As participants worked together, our team spirit and working atmosphere improved, and people found new ways to recover from their intensive work loads. ” Myyry explains. In five months, the participants’ muscle strength increased by 17 per cent on average, and 74 per cent of the participants achieved a lower total body fat percentage. “During the programme, I personally became more convinced of the fact that team spirit is built by working together,” Myyry concludes.