Flexibility was a prerequisite for collaboration

Eficode and Trainers’ House began their collaboration from the sales development teams in 2008. “Since then, Trainers’ House has become our partner in growth. We have worked together on outsourcing encounters with decision-makers, auditing, analysis phone calls, customer satisfaction surveys, event invitation calls and sales”, says Eficode’s Sales Manager, Heikki Hämäläinen.

Marketing automation boosts efficiency

“In 2015, we began piloting collaboration from the marketing automation teams. Trainers’ House’s call team contacted clients who had downloaded our quick guide to Big Data via our newsletter, monitored our website traffic in real time and moderated the chat service on our site. We receive hotter leads to call, almost in real time. This reduces the length of the sales cycle and enables new leads to be sent directly to our calendars. In addition to these things, Trainers’ House is our partner in developing sales and training salespeople. We have worked together in areas such as sales training, call training, sales sparring and kick-offs. Additionally, our salespeople receive one-to-one coaching and several of us have participated in the Sales Training Programme”, Hämäläinen says.

Good hit rate and high conversion

“Since we have been working together, Eficode’s net sales and number of staff has increased five-fold and the majority of our initial contacts have come via Trainers’ House. Our collaboration has also been highly productive from the perspective of sales sparring. There is always someone we can talk to about sales management. We have an exceptionally high hit rate and conversion. It is between 80% and 95%. We are constantly developing our call story with the call team and we update it every quarter. This helps us to keep conversion rates high,” Hämäläinen says.