”The cooperation has generated EUR 1.3 million more sales for us. Each meeting set up by Trainers’ House is worth approximately EUR 3,000. We could not have done this without Trainers’ House,” says Aapo Nurmi, Sales Director at Finn-ID.

“Outsourcing new customer acquisition has freed up our salespeople’s time for work that generates value. I have been very satisfied with the close relationship we have established with the Trainers’ House team. Feedback flows both ways. Trainers’ House is not only familiar with day-to-day sales work in a general sense, but the day-to-day sales work of Finn-ID in particular,” Nurmi adds.

“We want to be the market leader. With that in mind, it is essential to work with the best partners we can find. Trainers’ House has very similar values to us. Good chemistry is a sign of a strong partnership,” says Petra Vaisalo, Brand Manager at Finn-ID.


Finn-ID and Trainers’ House have been working together for several years.

“We invest in the professional growth of our employees, and the personal training programmes provided by Trainers’ House have played a significant role in this regard. The Change Manager’s Path and the Sales Directors Training Programme have ensured that our management team and sales management think about things the same way,” Nurmi adds.

A couple of years ago, Finn-ID recognised the need to change its sales culture.

“We did this to be successful in a changing market. We needed a sales team that is active, energetic and capable of creating customer value. We needed to sort out the basics of sales work. Our goal is to grow and we believe that can be achieved by respecting the fundamentals. Trainers’ House was a natural choice as our partner, because they know how to summarise the basics in language that everyone can understand. They have the ability to teach and create insights through concrete examples and stories. When things are presented in a simple way, they are easy to incorporate into our day-to-day operations,” Nurmi explains.


The first focus area in changing the sales culture was Finn-ID’s level of activity. Ignis, a subsidiary of Trainers’ House, helped Finn-ID’s management in setting up customer meetings. Finn-ID is very particular about its brand, and every phone call is a marketing action. This meant that there was some initial skepticism about outsourcing new customer acquisition, but this soon disappeared when the results turned out to be excellent, and meetings have subsequently been set up for the entire sales team. To sharpen the salespeople’s skills, a customised sales training programme was built for Finn-ID using Trainers’ House’s Growth Booster concept.

“Each week, the programme gives the participants a different pre-determined theme they need to practise. The salespeople choose what they want their next area of practise to be. We use video training to get in the right frame of mind and each salesperson then applies their selected theme in actual customer encounters,” Nurmi explains.

The salespersons’ learning of new habits is supported by “Stay on the Path” -calls that are intended to help the salespeople achieve success. Genuine feedback from customers makes the learning process particularly effective. Trainers’ House makes follow-up phone calls after sales meetings to get customer feedback on how the salesperson did with regard to the area they were practising.

Our salespeople are enthusiastic about having a new ongoing method for developing their skills. This is how we should have always done it. I would recommend Trainers’ House as a partner. They understand the world we live in. They have a strong insight into what kinds of changes need to happen within organisations,” Nurmi concludes.