Case: Haltian – Working with a partner to reach growth targets


Haltian did not previously have a separate organisation for sales. As the sales team grew, the company wanted to invest in systematic control, monitoring and measurement in sales.

“Successful projects and the references we have gained from them have helped us grow our IOT-business. We see tremendous potential here, and achieving our growth targets calls for more negotiations and customer cases. We recognised that we did not have mutual operating methods for our sales work. We decided to bring in an external partner who knows what really works in sales. When we were choosing the partner, we found the timing of Trainers’ House’s contact, the proposed content of the cooperation and the big picture all quite convincing,” says Tuija Postari-Kivistö, Head of Sales at Haltian.


“Our sales team has grown and we now have a set of common operating methods and a common language. The cooperation has had a significant impact on the proactiveness of our sales. Our sales work has become more professional and systematic. Measurability has improved and the work we do on our proposals and quotations is now very clear,” Postari-Kivistö explains.

”We have been particularly satisfied with Trainers’ House’s professionalism and systematic approach. Regular steering group meetings, the preparation for training sessions, the timing and the follow-up activities have all been top quality. We wanted to bring more poise and rhythm to our sales work, and that’s what we got,” Postari-Kivistö adds.


In the background work conducted at the start of the cooperation, Trainers’ House got to know Haltian’s people and sales situation in terms of the relevant figures. People’s thoughts and wishes were surveyed by means of telephone interviews. Based on the conclusions drawn from the background work, a management workshop was organised to establish a clear sense of direction for the company’s sales function. Trainers’ House then provided training on the new common operating methods for Haltian’s sales and project personnel. The personnel also adopted the BEAT change management platform to keep the jointly agreed priorities in mind from one week to the next.

“I would recommend Trainers’ House as a partner for other businesses in similar situations. They are not easily shaken, even when faced with a challenging organisation. Change takes time. If I could do one thing differently, it would be to start this process sooner,” Postari-Kivistö concludes.