Case: HOLIDAY Club – new customers and increased awareness


”We wanted meetings with client candidates who had not previously bought services from us. Trainers’ House has set up a significant number of exactly this kind of meetings for us. Within a few months, over 500 meetings had been scheduled. The meetings have led to requests for quotes and collaboration with new customers,”, Tapio Honkamaa, Sales Director at Holiday Club reports.

“I have been very satisfied with our partner choice. Compared to previous experience, Trainers’ House has been superior in terms of customer acquisition. The quality of the work is convincing, and they are genuinely committed to us”, Honkamaa continues.


“Communication works well with everyone, and the call team does not hesitate to get in touch with us if they have any questions. We appreciate mutual openness. As a partner, Trainers’ House has shown significant reactivity and flexibility.

In the meetings, I have asked frankly how the call made to the customer candidate went. The Trainers’ House team understands us well. I have recommended Trainers’ House as a customer acquisition partner to others as well,” Honkamaa says.