Case: Kajaani university of applied sciences – making business services fly

Sales of services increased by 34 % during 2017

The growth has been significant. The trainings and the ways of working learned have played a decisive role in this. Sales management and salespeople have changed their activities in the desired direction, adopting ways of working from the training to their day-to-day work. The growth is comprised of several deals, not just a single big one. So, many people have succeeded in their work.

The choice of partner was influenced by references of realized change projects, among other things. In the sales situation, Trainers’ House proved a genuine ability to listen to us. This impressed us”, says Mikko Keränen, Development Director at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

Corporate culture to support growth objectives

“To ensure the realization of the sales objectives, we needed more goal-oriented management and improved procedures for managing customer accounts. It has been about a cultural change. People’s curiosity has increased, and this has led to sales efforts. Our service business has risen to a completely different level than where it previously was”, Keränen continues.

Reaching the desired results through smooth collaboration

The trainings have worked really well here. The most recent training has even become “legendary” among the personnel as an experience. We have achieved the very thing we initially pursued from the collaboration”, Keränen concludes.