Case: Kemira Pulp & Paper EMEA – Our Way of Leading

Visible changes in the leadership culture

”People actively participate in assignments that are beyond their responsibility area. Managers are more committed and give more feedback. People talk openly about key leadership themes and mirror their own work through them“, Janne Silonsaari Kemira PP EMEA’s Director, marketing and product management comments.

Many of the participants of the co-operation have thanked the concrete tools that take into consideration the starting point and that can be used in everyday management. They also felt that it was useful to share ideas and thoughts related to leadership.

Dividing responsibility and taking responsibility

As the co-operation started, Kemira PP EMEA grew faster than the current market. During the strong growth rate Kemira PP EMEA also wanted to strengthen management and supervisory work throughout the organization so that people have better qualifications to achieve long-term strategic goals.

”We started co-operating with Trainers’ House because we wanted an experienced management training partner to support our process in developing leadership at different levels of the organization. The goal was to achieve more efficient decision-making and ownership through the organization, as well as open communication and increase consideration of individuals. This required people to have the ability and courage to make decisions, and for the organization to feel that they are empowered to take responsibility and make decisions”, Silonsaari comments.

Our Way of Leading and leadership actions

A clear and inspirational story on leadership was created for Kemira PP EMEA , ”Our Way of Leading”. The story made the framework for identifying the leadership cornerstones that make it easier to empower people; Courage, Caring, Ownership and Trust.

Kemira PP EMEA used the BEAT-change management platform for transparent monitoring and rooting of leadership practices as well as sharing experiences.