Clear growth in sales and customer satisfaction

“The quality of activities has improved. Leadership training has played a key role in this. Real estate agents’ quantitative sales volume has grown clearly year-on-year. The financial profitability of the chain companies has increased during 2016–2017. Customer satisfaction is an extremely important indicator to us, and it, too, has improved significantly. We measure satisfaction on a scale of 0–5, and in the past few years, customer satisfaction has increased from 4.3 to up to 4.7”, says Kiinteistömaailma’s CEO Erkki Heikkinen.

Focus on managing activities

The chain control management training clarified the strategy and broke down the key activities using the Trainers’ House Impact Map. The training of franchisees focused on caring management.

“Without the training, I probably would not have gone this far on my path as a manager. The best thing about the training was sharing stories and experiences and learning from them. I felt many kinds of emotions during these moments; on the top of the mind are the moments of joy and affection. I feel that I have grown both as a manager and as a human being”, Kiinteistömaailma franchisee Carita Piippo says.

Change in people’s activities and thinking

”In addition to weekly questions, BEAT-change management platform acts as a tool that strengthens the topics of the training and helps to refresh things. Among other things, videos on the themes of the trainings have been added to BEAT. I consider it a very good change tool and support”, Heikkinen says.