Case: KONE 24/7 CONNECTED SERVICES – Sales acceleration


“In our co-operation, I was surprised at how quickly the entire operation was launched. There was no ready concept for this type of work. This was not a traditional assignment. We tried boldly new things in sales with Trainers’ House”, Tero Lehtonen, Director, 24/7 Connected Services says.​

“We wanted to accelerate the 24/7 services sales. Activity with small and medium-sized customers had to be increased. What was crucial in choosing a partner was that we believed in Trainers’ House’s ability to find the right people. Trainers’ House has a unique way to approach sales”, says Emilia Taskinen from KONE’s strategy team.​


At the beginning of the co-operation, Trainers’ House conducted a recruitment survey and orientated the in-house project team with the sales and marketing of the 24/7 service.​

Trainers’ House took care of daily project management and made sure the customer experience was fulfilled. Both Trainers’ House and KONE teams worked together. The co-operation between the teams was refined in workshops organized by Trainers’ House. The workshops developed, among other things, the argumentation of the customer value of the service and identifying more potential and precise target groups.​

The co-operation was modified along the way according to KONE’s needs. Proven practices, successes and development points were reviewed in the regular steering groups.