Case: L&T – Boosting the customer experience

Lassila & Tikanoja (L&T) has undergone major changes to its operating method and system in real estate services. It was necessary to change operating methods because L&T wanted to improve its customers’ experience of the company.

“To improve the customer experience and increase productivity, we needed better management, quantifiable results and improvements in employee satisfaction. We wanted to increase the customer activity carried out by our experts and ensure we were using consistent operating methods on sales visits”, says Antti Niitynpää, Business Director at L&T.

Careful management in times of change

“We wanted to manage changes to our operating methods with precision and transparency. We started using BEAT-change management platform. The new operating methods were put in tangible form and divided into clear weekly actions. BEAT enabled us to ensure on a personal level that supervisors had made progress on the agreed matters”, Niitynpää continues.

L&T has also made use of other solutions from Trainers’ House. ”There was a desire to ensure a sufficient level of activity at every customer level. This has been assured by several means, including care calls related to customer accounts. The phone calls have helped to clarify how L&T could serve its current customers even better”, Niitynpää says.

In addition to changing its internal operating practices and focusing on existing customers, L&T has also invested in customer acquisition. “We told Trainers’ House’s team whom we wanted to meet and they took responsibility for contacting these people”, says Joni Varkka, Sales Manager at L&T.

Changes are always cultural changes

”BEAT has introduced agility to communication and raised the level of activity significantly. The personnel have a stronger sense of community. Customer satisfaction has improved over three six-month periods, and results have improved in every sub-area of the business. The care calls carried out by Trainers’ House over nine weeks led to 131 meetings with an 80% hit rate,” Niitynpää says.