Case: Lassila & Tikanoja – Re-organizing to be number one in cleaning services

“Cleaning has been able to improve significantly its business compared to the previous periods and cooperation with Trainers’ House has played a role in that.” Lassila Tikanoja’s Business Director Antti Niitynpää says.

“We were particularly satisfied with how Trainers’ House was able to react to COVID. We missed most of the face 2 face training sessions, but Trainers’ House reacted quickly to the changed situation. The trainings were effective through Zoom and things were progressed despite the current situation”, Niitynpää remembers.


Lassila & Tikanoja wants to be the biggest and best cleaning company in Finland. The goal required a journey of change where job roles changed to support the strategy. The change is successful when people are able to take the new role into everyday life and thereby become visible to the customer. L&T wanted to develop the customer and personnel experience.

The challenge had been the structure of the organization where the front-line staff had a poor view to the customer interface. Management is challenging when thousands of people work at the customer and personnel interface in different areas – and yet the goal is to meet everyone regularly. Trainers’ House helped L&T to implement an organizational change to everyday life.

“We made a big role changes in cleaning, which was completely new to the industry and for this we needed the help of Trainers’ House’s change management. We transformed job descriptions and also created completely new roles. The first-level supervisor tasks were divided into three roles to ensure customer experience and staff satisfaction. We needed Trainers’ House’s help with change management and phasing the change journey as well as stages.

We have done change projects with Trainers’ House in the past and I feel that with Trainers’ House the change can be carried forward. Trainers’ House has a very hands-on approach to the next tasks and steps,” Niitynpää continues.


Trainers’ House trained L&T’s personnel for new roles on a role-by-role basis. The training included clarifying the new role and skills and tools related to the role. A story was built for the change and critical weekly tasks were defined for each role.

As part of the change journey, Trainers’ House also facilitated sponsor calls, where the sponsor chosen to drive the change forward could go through the change journey and the team could share experiences from the past.

“Working according to the new roles has been achieved, the focus on solutions has improved, the critical weekly tasks have raised the level of requirements and the work has been made to focus on the right things. The increase in the level of requirements is the same for everyone. The measures of personnel satisfaction have gone in a better direction thanks to the cooperation.

We have made a change and the desired results have been achieved. We are going in the right direction. There is still work to be done, but the desired change has taken place in what people do.

I would definitely recommend Trainers’ House to others. So many good experiences from Trainers’ House’s commitment, organization and good mood”, thanks Niitynpää.

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