Case: Localtapiola – Change led by customers’ opinions

Customers’ experiences on display every week

”We reached the goals we set at the beginning of the partnership. This was a highly professional collaboration. We did not abandon our goal, and it was important to review the critical phases in sufficient depth. With the help of the growth programme, we have successfully supported the major customers unit in meeting its business objectives. We have made positive progress in terms of business results, and sales have improved. We have received further examples of the successful handling of customer cases and successful teamwork”, says Matti Kiiski, Director of the Major Customers unit at LocalTapiola.

Aiming to modernise in a customer-oriented way

Trainers’ House began working with LocalTapiola’s major customers unit in spring 2016. “A key part of the strategy was to modernise in a customer-oriented way, and we selected Trainers’ House to give us a boost in this area,” Kiiski says.

Supervisory work plays a decisive role

In the initial phase, the management of the major customers unit and Trainers’ House’s team held discussions to jointly build an operating and management method to support customer-oriented actions in the unit. All of the personnel in LocalTapiola’s major customers unit were involved in the growth programme. Everyday supervisory work is the best way to support the implementation of strategy. To support senior managers, the unit began using a “Control Room”. The Control Room assembled a weekly status overview of customers and personnel.