Case: Lumene – Sales organization of the year

A desire to be the best

The objective of the collaboration was to increase sales on product demonstration stands when Lumene began using a new system for monitoring sales in real time. “We wanted to be the best sales partner in our sector. We set about increasing Lumene’s sales by employing systematic management practices, a new sales model and a new sales monitoring system,” says Lumene’s Sales Manager, Tomi Puusaari.

From additional sales to multiple sales

Trainers’ House trained sales supervisors to provide training to their teams on the new operating models. “Trainers’ House had a highly original approach. Instead of talking about additional sales, we focused on multiple sales, which opened up a mindset of selling more than two products. We created shared minimum standards for demonstrators and representatives to enable management by consistent policies. Additionally, our sales team supervisors, representatives and sales managers are using BEAT-change management platform“, Puusaari says.

Growth compared with the market

“Since we began working together, sales have increased in comparison with the market. Retail decision-makers chose Lumene as the Sales Organisation of the Year in Finland in 2014 and our mystery shopper results have improved considerably. The collaboration has elicited very good internal feedback. The new monitoring system is being used 100%. Measurement is an essential part of sales work and it enables us to constantly consider new areas for development and to improve our management. The sales team supervisors’ confidence as supervisors has also increased significantly”, Puusaari says.