Case: METSÄ WOOD – Wood of change

The work of sales and supervisors has become more efficient and transparency has increased. Sales activity in the field has doubled and become more systematic. The atmosphere has changed positively during the year.

The results of our internal satisfaction survey are encouraging. In general, the results range from 0.1 to 0.2 points in change situations, there will rarely be larger jumps upwards. However, there has now been a clear improvement of 0.5 points in satisfaction. Salespeople find their work more meaningful and the work of supervisors has improved enormously. ”, says Virva Juhola, Metsä Wood’s Sales Director.

We clicked with Trainers’ House immediately – the Trainers ’House team did extensive background work and listened to us closely. In the end, the cooperation was tailored to meet our needs.”, Juhola continues.


Metsä Wood has a strong position in Europe and ambitious global growth targets. The aim of the cooperation is to increase production efficiency and create longer and deeper customer relationships instead of individual projects.

Salespeople participated in the coaching events from several different operating cultures and markets around the world. Shortly after the sales coaching, the need for supervisor coaching was also identified. A management change program, the Wood of Change, was born.

One of the best things about Trainers ’House is that they put themselves in and they are strongly invested. It has been important for the coaches to be open – this has made the participants more open. The coaches ’own examples and stories encourage people to share their own experiences as well.” , Juhola concludes.