Case: SE Mäkinen – Turning working model negotiation into entertainment

More than 60-year-old auto logistics family business, SE Mäkinen Logistics, was facing a historic turning point in the spring of 2021. Years of negotiations on a better working time model had finally been concluded, and now the spirit of the agreement had to be communicated to the stakeholders.

“Even good contracts have to be renewed from time to time. We noticed that the practices in our old model were outdated and the benefits for all parties weakened. That’s why we wanted to agree on working hours in a way that would serve all parties again”, SE Mäkinen Logistics CEO Iiro Mäkinen says.

“We are very satisfied with the agreement itself, which we believe will improve working conditions by equalizing people’s work and income flow and by improving our predictability. However, we found ourselves far too close to this agreement; the risk of misunderstandings was too big. That’s why we needed external help to communicate the spirit of the agreement,” continues Mäkinen.


Instead of legal details, SE Mäkinen ended up describing the good spirit of the contract negotiations. A talk show hosted by Anna Perho filmed from Mojo Studio was chosen as the implementation method, where representatives of SE Mäkinen and Teollisuusliito talked about the mental and moral side of the agreement.

“I am indescribably satisfied with the speed and professionalism with which the people at Trainers’ House captured our conversation! Thanks are pouring in from across our organization, and the content helps us have a conversation about this historic reform”
– Iiro Mäkinen, CEO, SE Mäkinen

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