Case: Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels – Tailored experiences

“Our Solo hotels are each very different and unique. We wanted to establish a service identity that encompasses the spirit of Solo hotels and creates world-class experiences for our customers,” says Harri Ojanperä, Senior Vice President at Sokos Hotels.

“To truly implement our service promise in practice, we needed an experienced partner to guarantee us.”

“We chose Trainers’ House because Sokos Hotels needs transformational learning and Jari Sarasvuo and his crew are the number one experts in Finland when it comes to the discourse and critical reflections that according to Jack Mezirow lead to transformational learning,” Ojanperä explains the foundation of the cooperation.

Service concept creation and value-based leadership

Value-based leadership and the involvement of Group personnel are at the core of the new leadership model. Each hotel got their own leadership model and their individual identities are supported with the common value base in mind,” Ojanperä explains. “BEAT-change management platform was used as a tool in rooting the culture.”

“Just visit a Solo Sokos Hotel such as Torni, Aleksanteri or Paviljonki to see and feel the difference yourself,” Ojanperä concludes.