Case: SYNLAB – Strategy day online

SYNLAB had great news to tell about their employees’ future. SYNLAB’s strategy day was executed from Mojo Studio in a way, that strengthened the message.

“I can’t allow, that the message would become weaker, since it’s extremely important. I can’t get people into the same space at this time, so this is the best way to reach people”, tells SYNLAB’s CEO Aarne Aktan.

Webinar from Mojo Studio is not a thin replacement for an event taking place in front of live audience.

“This is excellent compared to what it costed. I suppose that this costed us about 40 % compared to what it would have costed to arrange this event for example in Kalastajatorppa. If we think about the benefits, it wasn’t 40 % but much higher”, Aktan continues.


“Many of our employees were nervous performing on stage, but the final result was magical. One could say that ordinary people were made into stars”, Aktan praises.

Anna Perho hosted SYNLAB’s strategy day.

“Anna wasn’t only a host; Anna was also a reporter.

She asked exactly those difficult and direct annoying questions, which makes the situation real. It was exactly the right way to open up conversations, because it created tension, which makes the matter interesting. I learned from this project, that creating tension is actually easier in a TV-broadcast than live. TV-broadcast for two people having a conversation is more intense”, Aktan describes.