Case: Unikie International hour – 100 % engagement

When six months ago, Mikko Järvinen, Unikie’s Business Director, looked at the domestic launch of a new service, he woke up to the fact that this is not enough for the international market.

“Launch was pretty good, but it was typical tech-technician vomiting, where the engineers talked in the corner of the meeting room. I thought that this form for the launch is not something we can use internationally – a two-hour launch like this is not valid for our western neighbour”, Järvinen says.

Unikie needed to be impactful without physical encounters with people who create and decide on productivity solutions for Swedish ports.

The goal was to have 50 Swedish port decision-makers participate in the launch. Unikie exceeded the expectations, as there were 60 participants at the start of the launch. What about in the end?

“The grip of the participants did not drop, and therefore we are satisfied with the results”, Järvinen continues.

Trainers’ House operates by using a professional host. The professional host for live events took care of the event and that the discussion is proceeding according to the content model – it helps also reach results commercially.

It allowed Unikie’s experts to stay safely as experts.