Our own sales team can no longer answer our need for new business meetings

Ring a bell?

  • Our sales representatives do not meet enough new customers
  • We want our sales representatives to use their time more efficiently
  • Our sales representatives are afraid of cold calling
  • Cold calling is considered unpleasant
  • We lack tools for systematic calling and reporting
  • Our sales representatives do not have the ability to justify the value of a meeting on the phone
  • We cannot call systematically every day or week
  • We don’t know how to build prospect lists
  • We have not built a separate outbound model
  • We have no way of tracking what happens during the meetings

Here’s what we can do for you

  • Calling takes time and commitment and it needs to be systematic
  • We will ensure that your sales representatives also visit new customers
  • We are in regular contact with your target audience to set up meetings
  • We will report the progress of the discussions on a weekly basis, while providing valuable information regarding your market
  • We will spar your own callers and share our techniques that have been tested and proven to be efficient
  • We help to ensure the quality of prospecting and calling
  • We manage our customers’ B2B-chat environments
  • If necessary, we will supply the entire initial sales process as a service
  • We rent our staff on-site to assist building your outbound operations
  • In our service, we will take into account your existing marketing and marketing automation as well as your internal and external digital communication systems
  •  Our change support teams will ensure that the agreed work is done