Our production should be more effective but also safer

Does this sound familiar?

  • We know how to make our production more effective, but we have not succeeded in implementation
  • Our people do not follow the instructions and regulations
  • Our managers lead things, not people
  • Job satisfaction is poor and no positive feedback is given
  • Our managers have not been able to justify the necessary safety instructions
  • In our production adequate reminding, supervision and monitoring does not exist
  • Issues that are important to our goals are not visible during the shifts

If yes, this is what we do:

  • We do not consult the processes; the biggest leverage is in the change of people and behavior. Monitoring the effect of doing something creates a sense of accountability
  • Our way is to work at the factory among people, not just with the management
  • We help to implement, maintain, and measure the desired change
  • We offer ways to track the improvement of efficiency
  • We create ways to improve people’s performance and cooperation
  • We produce a model for visual management
  • We will help people see how their work affects your factory’s performance and efficiency