Our sales don't meet their goals. Skills and activity could be sharpened

Does this happen at your office?

  • Our sales doesn’t develop
  • The current skill level seems to be enough for our sales personnel
  • The skill level varies between our sales personnel
  • The quality of our customer encounters varies or is not known
  • Our sales representatives don’t get to meet the people they should
  • Sales staff often contacts familiar customers; new business meetings are rare
  • Our sales representatives’ use of time makes us wonder are the right things happening during the week
  • Cold calling causes tension or doesn’t interest our staff at all
  • Our actions lack systematics
  • Our sales personnel lack the ability or knowledge to have insight and value adding conversations
  • Our sales representatives are passive and wait at the office for something to happen

If even one part is true, here’s how we’ll help:

  • We believe that the sales staffs’ enthusiasm towards their own work is crucial in order to achieve results
  • We go through your entire sales process
  • We figure out the difficulties of your present sales process
  • We train your sales representatives according to their current level
  • We help to raise the hit rates of different phases in the sales process
  • Together we build systematics and management system for your sales
  • We can arrange call days, during which we’ll call together with your sales team and share our techniques that have been tested and proven to be efficient
  • Together we will standardize, harmonize and unify your new ways to work
  • With the help of our methods we will make sure that the agreed tasks will be realized