Operational Review to Year 2022

Updated: 24 February 2023


Trainers’ House helps people forward. We generate fame, create opportunities and offer methods of success – for both our customers and our own employees.

The purpose of the company is to touch people, electrify management and produce verifiable customer results. Human is at the center of everything we do. If something doesn’t move in a person, you can’t expect people to move either.

Trainers’ House works from the reality of its client, not from idealistic perfection or their own world. Customers get enthusiastic people and verifiable results. Verifiable customer results are best achieved when projects are managed through the customer’s corporate culture.

The first half of 2022 was good for the company, the latter more difficult. This was caused by the difficulty of acquiring new assignments. Trainers’ House Group’s net sales decreased by six percent. The turnover was 9.8 million euros. Operating profit was 0.6 million euros, which is six percent of turnover. The profitability of Ignis services was good.

The company continued its active investor communication by arranging a capital markets day and publishing financial information about the 2022 performance quarterly, also in English.

In the second quarter the company carried out a merger of its shares (a so-called reverse split) in such a way that every ten shares were merged into one share. At the same time, a directed free share issue was implemented to avoid the creation of fractional shares. The purpose of combining the shares was to improve the trading conditions of the company’s shares and to increase flexibility in connection with the distribution of dividends. The share-specific information in the financial statement release has been adjusted due to the reverse split and directed free share issue also for the comparison period.

The company’s most significant financial liabilities are currently normal business-related leasing liabilities and the lease agreement for the business premises, which runs from October 1st 2018. The company’s financial position is good.

Improving cash flow and profitability remain the company’s most important tasks.

The company’s ownership structure and the largest owners are available on the company’s website www.trainershouse.fi – for investors.