Tuomo Karppinen



+358 40 589 3334

Tuomo Karppinen has worked at Trainers’ House for more than a year in many different positions. Currently, Tuomo participates in the Trainers’ House trainee program as a change consultant trainee. His professional expertise includes extremely tough sales support, project management, and raising the mood. Tuomo is strong in marketing positions and has a master’s degree in marketing.

Despite his silky hands, Tuomo is also saturated with the pressure of thousands of pieces of furniture and tens of thousands of walked stairs. In addition, Tuomo can also cut meat and fillet fish if necessary. Trainers’ Houses “Madventures dude ” has traveled to more than 34 countries and lived in Mexico as well as Spain.
Tuomo speaks fluent Finnish and English familiar from rally circles. Those mystical moments when Tuomo is not in the office, he probably scratches the gym doors, stares at Netflix, educates himself with audiobooks, or travels to unknown countries.
Pssst … Not many people know this, but according to observations, this gentleman is the only shuffler in Finland who weighs more than a hundred kilos.