Juri Franska

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+358 40 518 4613

Juri operates in Turku, Finland and serves customers within the Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Forssa region. Juri is known for his solution-oriented and humane style and he is praised by our customers for his sincere and passionate desire to help in any situation. Juri feels he is fulfilling his passion and has been an entrepreneur for the past 2 years. At 40 years young this man has had more than 25 years of experience in sales and different customer service positions, almost 20 years of experience in various managerial positions and over 10 years of experience in result-responsible operations. Before his transfer to Trainers’ House Juri made a long career in the private security sector where he gained experience in several different industries. Juri’s kind and firm coaching style has been enjoyed by Western Finnish customers as well as younger colleagues at our Turku office.