Juuso Helokangas



+358 40 710 8688

Juuso works daily with our customers’ sales processes. He is often involved in projects where traditional product sellers are transformed into solution vendors, solving customers’ problems. Juuso wonders on a weekly basis how to raise our customers’ hit rates at different stages of the sales process and how to shorten the sales cycle. His experience has accumulated over 10 years and especially professional services, IT and software, advertising, media and digital offices are familiar. Juuso himself has more than 300 customer visits per year and major sales targets. He believes that this has guaranteed good and genuine stories to share as well as tested tools to improve sales quality. When Juuso was younger, he played hockey for several years and it is still a big passion for him. Now he plays in three different teams and if the game is not smooth he buys better equipment or blames the defenders. Juuso is also a certified Crossfit-trainers and describes himself sovereignly as the strongest man in the company. At home Juuso has two treasures, 3 and 4 year old boys and a wife helping with the everyday life.