Personal data protection policy

Personal data protection in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (HetiL 10§).

5.2.11 1 Controller of the register

Trainers’ House Plc, also on behalf of its subsidiaries
Tammasaarenlaituri 3
00180 Helsinki
Tel: +358 30 688 8500 2 Contact information

Saku Keskitalo
Trainers’ House Oyj
Phone. +358 40 411 1111 3 Purpose of processing of personal data

The register is intended for receiving, processing and storing the job applications of persons interested in pursuing a career at Trainers’ House Plc. Applicants may apply for a particular position or submit an open application. Human resources personnel may also process an application in connection with other suitable positions.

Job application data is kept in an applicant register for three (3) months, after which the data is transferred to and filed in an archive for two (2) years, and may be retrieved in connection with other positions. Job application data is always confidential and is never disclosed to persons outside the recruitment process. Confidentiality refers to the fact that job application data is only available to persons authorized to process the data.

Trainers’ House Plc may at its discretion remove any job application with incomplete information. An application may also be removed or altered at the applicant’s request. Any request to remove or alter an application shall be delivered in writing to the controller or presented in person at the controller’s address. 4 Registered data

Applicant’s basic information (name, contact information, date of birth)
Applicant’s education and work experience
Applicant’s preferences regarding future employment
Description of applicant’s experience and competence profile
Additional information provided by the applicant 5 Regular sources of data

Job applicants. 6 Regular tranfers of disclosed data

The data will not be disclosed to parties outside the Trainers’ House Group. 7 Transfer of data outside the EU/EEA

The data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. 8 Principles of data protection

A. Hard copies
At the end of a recruitment process, printed paper versions of CVs are stored in a locked room together with other recruitment material.

B. Electronically stored data:
The registered data are protected using personal passwords. Only separately specified recruitment employees of Trainers’ House Plc or its subsidiaries have access to personal data stored in the register. Unauthorized persons outside Trainers’ House Group cannot access the facilities in which the register is stored, because all guests visiting Trainers’ House Group are required to wear and display a visitor badge, and moving in the facilities is not possible without a valid access badge. 9 Right of access

In accordance with Section 26§ of the Personal Data Act, everyone has the right to inspect what information related to their person has been stored in the register. Any request to inspect the register shall be delivered in writing, with the requesting party’s signature, to the controller or presented in person at the controller’s address.