Our values, strategy and mission

Our values

Trainers’ House is a value-led company. We want our values to be expressed in the everyday choices made in our work. Our values help us and our clients to make strategy a reality.


People form the core of our values. We work with our client companies’ people and their everyday actions.


Courage means in our working community that we do not shy away from dealing with difficult issues. We do the work that needs to be done to ensure our assignments succeed.


We do not rush – we work efficiently and with great care. We know from experience that putting things off can be destructive.


Growth is our goal. We challenge ourselves and our clients to excel as human beings, professionals and businesses.


Proven results give our clients reason to continue working with us. Proven client results give us a sense of purpose to continue our work.


Our strategy

Our strategic foundation is to be a strong company in our domestic market. This can be gauged by cash flow and verifiable client results. Our second strategic focal area is developing products and building new growth concepts and new earning models. The most important investments are the electrification of management, the mediaization of change projects and digital training programs. In the third phase of our strategy, we will internationalise with and through our clients.


Our mission

Our mission is to help people realise and love a shared story so that the most important actions become a reality. Our success is measured by enthusiastic employees and verifiable results within the client organisation.


Our vision

We want to be a business-critical partner for our customers in growth challenges.