Disclousure Policy


Trainers’ House Plc is listed on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Ltd. In its communications, Trainers’ House complies with the legislation, the rules of the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki and the instructions issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority regarding the disclosure obligation and the handling of undisclosed information.

This disclosure policy describes the key operating principles that Trainers’ House communicates with capital markets and other stakeholders. The company’s Board of Directors approved this disclosure policy on June 16th, 2009.


Trainers’ House aims to provide investors, shareholders and analysts with accurate, adequate and up-to-date information about Trainers’ House’s operations, operating environment, strategy, objectives and financial condition.

The key principles of Trainers’ House’s communication are openness, honesty and fairness. Trainers’ House consistently communicates positive and negative issues simultaneously to all stakeholders. The aim is to provide correct and sufficient information about the company’s operations without delay.


Statements on the operation and development of Trainers’ House are made by the Chairperson of the Board and the CEO. Significant stock exchange releases are approved by the Board.

Company’s CEO and Investor Relations Director are responsible for Trainers’ House’s relations with the capital markets. Investor Relations Director communicates centrally with investors and analysts and is responsible for arranging investor and analyst meetings.

In addition to the CEO and the Investor Relations Director, the Chairperson of the Board and the CFO may also attend investor and analyst meetings.


Trainers’ House publishes financial statements and interim reports according to a pre-announced schedule. The publication dates for the next financial year will be announced before the end of the previous financial year.

Information on the company’s financial situation, outlook, profitability development or other similar matters are generally provided in the interim reports. In addition, Trainers’ House will promptly disclose all decisions and matters concerning the Company and its operations that the Company believes may materially affect the value of the securities it issues. The information is published in a stock exchange release.


A performance warning will be issued immediately if Trainers’ House detects that its performance differs materially from previously published forecasts. A stock exchange release is always issued for the performance warning. The performance warning is issued by the Board of Directors, or if the Board of Directors is not able to reach a quorum quickly enough, the Chairperson of the Board or the CEO decides on the publication of the performance warning.


Trainers’ House does not comment on market rumors. If confidential information that materially affects the share price has been leaked to the public prematurely, Trainers’ House will issue a stock exchange release.


Crisis communication is managed by the CEO or Chairman of the Board of Trainers’ House. In crisis situations, communication is centralized to designated persons.


In the Trainers’ House Group, the so-called the silent period (the time before the release of earnings releases, during which company representatives do not meet with capital market representatives and do not comment on Trainers’ House’s financial condition or future outlook) is 21 days.