Updated: 24 February 2023

The Board of Directors of Trainers’ House Plc appoints the CEO of the company and decides on the compensation to be paid to the CEO, benefits, and terms of employment. The CEO is not a member of the Board. The CEO is responsible for the operational management of the company in accordance with legislation, instructions issued by the Board of Directors and under the control of the Board of Directors.

The CEO is responsible for the planning, implementation and investments in accordance with the strategy, as well as for ensuring that the accounting is legal and that financial management is sound. He is also responsible for organizing accounting and reporting. The CEO oversees decisions concerning senior management and important operational decisions. The CEO also oversees that the Group’s subsidiaries act in accordance with the parent company’s interests and implement the Group’s strategy.

The CEO manages the operational business with the help of the Management Team. The Management Team prepares and makes decisions on matters within the CEO’s decision-making authority.

During 2022, the Management Team included the CEO and the CFO.

The duties of the CEO are described in the “CEO” section of the Annual Report.

In the Management Team, the CFO takes care of the supervision of finance and administration. In addition, the CFO is responsible for the business of the subsidiary Ignis Oy. A member of the Management Team works under the CEO.

Arto Heimonen has been the CEO since 2013. Saku Keskitalo has been the CFO since 2015.