Trainers’ House as an Investment

Updated: April 4th, 2022.


Trainers’ House helps people forward. We generate fame, create opportunities and offer methods of success – for both our customers and our employees.

The purpose of the company is to touch people, electrify management and produce verifiable customer results. Human is at the center of everything we do. If something doesn’t move in a person, you can’t expect people to move either.

Trainers’ House works from the reality of its client, not from idealistic perfection or their own world. Customers get enthusiastic people and verifiable results. Verifiable customer results are best achieved when projects are managed through the customer’s corporate culture.

Founded in 1990, Trainers’ House had 126 full-time converted employees at the end of 2021. The purpose of the company’s operations is to help people forward. The value generated by the work is distributed in the order of customers, personnel and owners.

The company has offices in Helsinki, Turku, Oulu and Torrevieja, Spain. Trainers House’s net sales in 2021 were EUR 10.3 million, EBITA was EUR 1.3 million (13% of net sales) and EBIT was EUR 1.3 million. The company’s equity ratio was 70%. Cash and cash equivalents at the end of 2021 were EUR 3.4 million. The company’s financial situation is very good. The company has no liabilities, excluding normal trade payables and deferred lease liabilities.


The company’s share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Oy under the name Trainers’ House Plc (TRH1V).

The number of shares in the company is 2,147,828 and the share capital is EUR 880,743.59. The company does not hold any of its own shares.

In 2021, the trading volume of the company’s shares on the Helsinki Stock Exchange was EUR 10.3 million shares. The trading volume was 48% of the average number of shares (4.5 million shares, 21%) and 7.2 million EUR (1.4 million).