We want to ensure the quality of our customer experience and the implementation of change

Sounds familiar?

  • I don’t know how our sales agents are performing during the sales meetings.
  • I don’t know what our customers really think about our company or services.
  • I don’t know why we won or lost the bid.
  • I’m not sure if my team members are doing what we have agreed to.
  • We don’t have enough reference cases to support our sales and marketing.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We will interview your potential customers after the sales meetings for feedback and insights. Results will be compiled into a report.
  • We will find out how your current customers see and feel your collaboration.
  • As an impartial third party, we can find out what they really think of your business.
  • We will conduct research on what your customers think about your sales process and what aspects you should consider in the future.
  • We support the implementation and realization of change through personal sparring.
  • We produce reference stories about the value and benefits you have provided to your customers.

What is Change Support Team?

Change Support Team consists of experts specializing in gathering and analyzing information and ensuring the implementation of change. The team provides personal sparring and support for individuals and organizations going through change. In addition, the team produces high-quality reference stories to support sales and marketing.

Customer interviews and won-lost-analysis

Team interviews the customers of our clients to find out what kind of image they have about the company and how they have experienced the collaboration so far. Interviews are conducted after meetings to ensure the quality of sales, or after a sales presentation, in order to know why the tender was accepted or not.

What are the benefits?

  1. Valuable insight into your customers’ thoughts.
  2. Important information about your sales agents’ performance and useful tools for professional growth.
  3. Information on how the customers see you in comparison to your competitors.
  4. The customer feedback will enable you to identify your own blind points and raise the quality of work.
  5. Feedback on the quality of sales materials straight from your customers.

Personal sparring conversations

These are about 15-20 minutes long sparring discussions over the phone with employees. The conversations are related to the management practices and changes that are currently being implemented.

The aim of the conversation is:
• To accelerate the ongoing change in its various phases.
• To support personal development.
• To strengthen information flow and understanding between management and employees.


  1. A cost-effective way to support change.
  2. Gives a boost to the sharing of knowledge and learning.
  3. Helps to detect quiet signals.
  4. Increases personal motivation.

Reference stories

Reference stories tangibly and concisely describe the benefits, the results and the value you have generated for your customers. References are an excellent and vital tool in sales and marketing.


  1. References increase your credibility and reduce the uncertainty of your customers.
  2. They make purchasing decisions easier for new customers.
  3. References are an effective recruitment tool, as they highlight the attractiveness of a company to potential job seekers.