Case: KOTIPIZZA – Online event for restauranteurs


Covid-19 forced Kotipizza to cancel their annual get-together (called “Ruskapäivä”) – twice. Ruskapäivä has traditionally been a gathering of restauranteurs and entrepreneurs, and it has been held at the Ruka ski resort. After two live events had to be put on hold, Kotipizza decided to turn the gathering into an online event with the help of Trainers’ House.

The three-hour event was jam-packed with entertainment, new product launches, an award ceremony for entrepreneurs – all very much connecting into the corporate strategy


Thanks to Trainers’ House and our TV-quality Mojo Studio, Kotipizza entrepreneurs also got in on the action – not just by watching a live broadcast, but also by joining the live feed from their own restaurants all over Finland.

The main objective of the broadcast was to enlist enthusiastic restauranteurs into Kotipizza’s new Masterclass growth program.

The event ran flawlessly. Lights, energy, inserts, inspiring speeches and passion from the Kotipizza entrepreneur’s – the show was unforgettable!

“Our annual event moved people – we got extremely positive feedback. We managed to make our strategic leadership more enticing, since we were able to launch our extremely important Masterclass-program with concrete results. We got more applications for our Masterclass program than what we anticipated”, says Kotipizza Group’s Chief of Communications and Corporate Responsibility Officer Antti Isokangas.