Partner in growth

“Our customer encounters have increased by up to 20% and their quality has improved. There has been steady growth in customer accounts and the amount of offers has developed positively. We are offering broader solutions to customers than before, which naturally produces better results. The strong performance is also reflected in our NPS, which has steadily remained above 80, with the annual average being just over 84,” says Esa Jäntti, CEO of Nooa Savings Bank.

“We got off to a very inspiring and motivating start on our journey of change at the turn of last year. It was important to get off to a strong start. The way I see it, when the first training phase has been completed, we need to see and hear the results internally. This is also what happened. Trainers’ House helped us to get things done and provided us with tools for our day-to-day work. This has required us to make changes in our culture and mindset in a short period of time. The results provide an encouraging message: the direction we chose is the right one, and the process is also producing measurable financial results,” Jäntti explains.


At the start of the change journey, the strategic intent was clear: profitable growth and increased customer value were to be pursued through developing the processes and strengthening the employees’ resources. Work to build a culture of coaching and practice began.

“We wanted to put in place a culture of practice, and we wanted to make it true quickly and reliably. We prospected cooperation also with several other service providers. In the end, Trainers’ House convinced us with their comprehensive approach and in-depth understanding of our needs.

We spoke the same language.

During the cooperation, we were not forcibly squeezed into the training provider’s pre-existing concept; instead, Trainers’ House listened to our wishes and the project was charted based on our needs. This cooperation has been about a change in culture and operating methods. We wanted to ensure growth by having high-quality encounters with our customers. We needed to improve our skills through coaching and continuous practice“, Jäntti says.

“It was important to have all of our employees’ voices heard right from the start. This was accomplished through comprehensive background work. We were also able to see the strengths and weaknesses of our culture through the eyes of Trainers’ House,” says Nooa Savings Bank’s HR Director Jaana Pullinen.


The goals set for the cooperation were an increase in customer relationships and the expansion of existing customer accounts through the creation of benefits provided to them. At the start of the cooperation, a shared understanding of must-win strategic battles was established for Nooa Savings Bank, and the resources were organised around these priorities.

“Above all, we focused on how to manage operations and continuous practice. The supervisors’ job descriptions were redefined to introduce a more coaching-oriented style of management. Trainers’ House has supported our management and supervisors in groups and one-to-one sparring sessions throughout the cooperation. It is easy to recommend the model Trainers’ House uses to implement change. In a project like this, the client organisation also needs to have the desire to make comprehensive changes to its established ways of working,” Jäntti concludes.