Case: RD Velho: Improving sales skills and customer service


Our revenue has grown. This was exactly the goal of our cooperation with Trainers’ House. The growth has been continuous. Had we not engaged in this training, I don’t think we would be at the level we are now, and our growth would not be as rapid,” says Riku Rennicke, Head of Sales at RD Velho.

“New operating methods have been implemented in our day-to-day work. Previously, we would just sit and wait for the customer to make a decision after we presented a proposal. Now we are much more proactive during the time between the proposal and the decision, doing what is necessary to win the customer’s trust. Our people are now more confident in contacting customers and we have established clear practices for it.

You could say that Trainers’ House does things themselves as they teach others to do. Their coaching related to customer relationship management is fully aligned with the way they have managed their relationship with us. In fact, it has been almost surprising how open we have been during this cooperation. Trainers’ House has the ability to make conversations feel natural, and we haven’t felt like we have had to filter our opinions and concerns. Open dialogue about the challenges of sales work is essential for successful cooperation,” Rennicke explains.


The cooperation started from RD Velho recognising a need for improving the quality of the customer experience and developing the sales skills of its experts.

“Instead of selling individual people to work in projects, we wanted to understand the customer and their business better. We also wanted to learn new ways to take even better care of the customer. An essential part of this is the practical implementation of operating methods at the level of concrete action, facilitating a better customer experience and, as a result, longer customer relationships.

Our training sessions with Trainers’ House covered successful sales practices ranging from setting up appointments to engaging in the final negotiations on cooperation. We have gained confidence to make proposals and learned better arguments for justifying the value and pricing of our work. The content of the training programme has been adapted to our specific needs and any changes we have requested have been quickly put in place. I know that we have had many training partners over the years. I would characterise Trainers’ House as an active and professional service provider. Their approach to project management is excellent and they achieve genuine progress. The customer gets exactly what they order,” Rennicke concludes.