Case: HSL: Putting strategy into action


“The feeling we got during the training was that our partner wanted us to work on a very concrete level. Trainers’ House did not make it too easy for us, genuinely challenging our people. The training sessions were not like lectures; the trainer really put himself on the line. You got the feeling that he really put his heart and personality into it. Cooperation with the entire team has been pleasant and smooth,” says Ilmari Mäkinen, Director of Administration and Strategy at HSL.

It often takes time to see evidence of the successful implementation of strategy in an organisation. At HSL, the results are already visible.

“Regular one-to-one sessions have been introduced extensively. We have seen a significant change in this regard now,” HSL’s HR Manager Eeva-Liisa Haaksluoto points out.


“We had prepared a new strategy and knew that putting it into action is where the real work begins. In our very first meeting with Trainers’ House, we got an idea of what putting the strategy into action could mean in practice. We felt that their proposal had that special something that we had been looking for,” Haaksluoto adds.

”The strength of Trainers’ House lies in how concrete their view is. The execution of strategy comes down to small details, repetition and making new habits firmly established – Trainers’ House was very convincing in this,” Mäkinen explains.


Trainers’ House prepared for the training programme by interviewing HSL’s management and supervisors. Supervisors were trained in two sessions and the organisation’s entire personnel participated in a super seminar day tailored to HSL’s needs. The overarching theme of all of the events was the meaning of the new strategy, the theme of renewal and small changes in daily actions that help put the strategy into practice.

“This type of cooperation depends highly on personal chemistry and smooth collaboration. Since things went well between the people involved, I would say that the cooperation went well,” Mäkinen adds.

“I would recommend Trainers’ House as a partner to a company that has clearly defined the change they wish to achieve. Trainers’ House has concrete tools for executing and strengthening the change,” Haaksluoto concludes.