Case: Central Ostrobothnia op-union – becoming professional in solution sales


“The new way of working is visible as concrete sales results, and sales are now made much more extensively. People have found the courage to take action and leave their comfort zones. Now, they offer products not offered before. People have taken ownership of the unknown and there has been a major increase in activity.The feedback collected at the end of the collaboration indicated that the participants in the program felt that they had advanced from the baseline in terms of every indicator. The coach succeeded in the work. In particular, the approach to important things and sharing own experiences have received good feedback!”, Iiris Puro, Bank Manager at Suomenselän Osuuspankki says.

Activities in line with the new strategy

”Becoming a Professional in Solution Sales”is a change program implemented by Trainers’ House for the various OP Financial Group banks. The aim is to support activities in line with OP Financial Group’s new strategy and provide the participants with tools for solution sales.

“Many of the tools we received in the training have been deployed and they have increased our employees’ sense of control over their work. Many felt that they had developed in efficient planning of time use and gained more courage for customer work”, Puro says.

Making the most important actions a reality

“With the training, I personally have also understood more extensively what our customer encounters are like. At the same time, it has helped to understand what needs to be developed further to create even higher-quality encounters,” Puro sums up.