Case: Fazer Food Services – My Restaurant

Improvement in all focal areas

“When we initiated the My Restaurant concept, we knew that change does not happen in an instant. We worked with Trainers’ House to crystallise the phases involved in customer encounters, and now everyone is aware of this work. Additional sales and recommendations are making a difference to the figures for our company as a whole. At the same time, the rate of absence due to illness has decreased from 6.7% to 5.6%”, says Sari Saari, Director of Operations at Fazer Food Services Finland.

Power and responsibility in restaurants

The aim of the cooperation was to strengthen Fazer Food Services’ culture of sales and service. The inspiring shared goal – “My Restaurant” – consisted of two themes: 30 million beneficial restaurant experiences and 3,300 courageous and inspired people.

Strengthening a culture of sales and service

The indicators of success were the growth in sales by recommendation and customers’ average purchases. The focal areas were weekly goals, feedback, sharing successes and individual management over “Fasu” coffees. To ensure success, the team defined the decisive customer encounters. They covered the key points in the restaurant experience. The people making the change, 30 of Fazer Food Services’ own change trainers, passed on the agreed matters to restaurants. Supervisors used Trainers’ House’s BEAT-change management platform during the period of collaboration.