Case: VITA – A lasting impression

Change made as a single team

“The amount of work to improve the customer experience has clearly increased and we regularly go through customer feedback with the personnel. The customer experience is now also a part of every conversation with occupational health care customers. The increased amount of positive feedback is particularly pleasing. The results of the customer satisfaction survey have been constantly improving. Trainers’ House has been actively present and committed to our shared actions. I have been satisfied with our collaboration and I tell everyone openly who we work with”, says Pirjo Immonen, Account Manager at VITA.

Inclusion is key

”We are gaining new customers and we have almost doubled our staff. The foundation of the customer experience is a sincere interest in the customer’s circumstances and handling the customer’s issues. We wanted to bring the customer experience to the fore”, says Heikki Hurme, Business Director at VITA.

“This work really was carried out together. The project group included our doctors, nurses, laboratory staff, physiotherapists, psychologists and representatives of the service centre. We wanted everyone to get behind the shared actions and we wanted to ensure that everyone’s opinions were heard,” Immonen says.

The entire project group participated in defining the customer’s path and touchpoints. “All of the touchpoints need to work well to ensure that the entire customer experience works and the customer is left with a good impression of us”, Hurme says. Trainers’ House’s Impact Map and BEAT-change management platform were used to help with everyday matters.