Henri Huittinen



+358 40 145 4805

Henri has started in the Trainers’ House trainee program in the autumn of 2020. Prior to his career at Trainers’ House, Henri worked as a car salesman in his hometown Kuopio. This has given him an understanding of the B2C operating environment. Henri’s special expertise includes interpersonal skills, social skills and sales. His work experience on a private yacht has also taught Henri a lot about service.
Henri’s strengths lie in working with hands-on industries and people. Emotional intelligence is also one of Henri’s strengths. His long-term dream is to lead people through his own personal development. The working languages are Finnish and English.
Henri’s regular hobbies include jogging, regularly irregular gym sports and reading. Delicious food and a good drink with high-quality music bring joy to his everyday life.
Henri sometimes leases Pyry, the world’s first poodle to be leased from his family. Pyry helps him stop and live in an instant. Occasional fast-paced motorsports makes Henri’s life full.