Case: HOK-Elanto – Making working hours productive

Help in changing everyday actions

“Collaboration between HOK-Elanto and Trainers’ House could be considered evolution. We have worked together several times over the years in relation to the durable goods and consumer goods trades,” says Lassi Juntunen, Manager of HOK-Elanto’s Prisma chain.

BEAT makes the invisible visible

“We began work by discussing with the supervisors what the new organisation could achieve and how people could be managed better. We then summarized this down to form an everyday package of management practices, which included a few key management tools. For example briefings; every shift now begins with a briefing in which the situation, targets and challenges of the day are analysed with the team. We also made agreements on different management principles that everybody complies with as part of their everyday work, such as keeping promises and breaking down agreed actions into calendar entries. Additionally, from my point of view, BEAT-change management platform is an irreplaceable management tool. It makes several invisible things visible and manageable”, Juntunen says.

Atmosphere and efficiency go hand in hand

“In terms of operations and atmosphere, the results have been better than good. I don’t think our work together could have gone any more smoothly. The staff satisfaction survey carried out in autumn 2015 showed clear signs of how the new operating models have improved results. The flow of information had improved dramatically. At the same time, we have boosted our staff efficiency. Sales per working hour and personnel costs in relation to net sales have improved. It is really great that the general atmosphere has improved at the same time as efficiency has increased”, Juntunen says.