Case: Ponsse – One Ponsse

People-sized stories

”One Ponsse has provided a common language for the thinking of Ponsse employees. Awareness of the One Ponsse principles has increased among the personnel and people are discussing the very things they should. The cooperation has created a mindset in which there is more thinking about how operating methods could be developed,” says Paula Oksman, HR Director at Ponsse.

”Communication between departments has improved and especially people are increasingly brought forth”, says Ponsse’s CEO Juho Nummela.

”Trainers’ House has an extensive and comprehensive toolbox that has provided lots of methods and models to utilize. We are satisfied with project management and communication – we are reminded of key activities in the long term with weekly newsletters, for example. Trainers’ House has kept its promise and also takes responsibility for other things besides training in the project”, Oksman adds.

Making one ponsse reality using several levers

”We wanted to retain the features of a small and agile Ponsse. This strategic intent led to our decision to lift leadership and managerial work to the next level. The management practices have now been revamped extensively. We have gained clarity to the practices, agendas and communication of shared management meetings”, Nummela says.

”In addition to Finland, the management programme is implemented in all foreign subsidiaries”, Oksman concludes.